Profo 10″ LED Ring Light £34.99

  • 10: LED Ring Light
  • 7.8″ metal Tripod
  • 34″ selfie stick (attachable to tripod)
  • Adjustable ball head (90° tilt & 360 rotation)
  • Spring loaded Bendable arm Phone Holder
  • Bluetooth Remote control,
    (compatible with most smartphones including Apple IOS and Android.)

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Uses: Profo 10.2 INCH (26cm) LED ring light with tripod stand & accessories. Perfect for Makeup, Selfie, Vlog, YouTube, Video chat, Live streaming, Photography, Videography, TokTok, Webcam.. & many more.

Functions: Profo LED Ring Light has x10 Adjustable brightness levels.  x3 colour modes: Cold, Natural & Warm. Colour temperature: 3200K-6500K.

Accessories: 7.8″ metal Tripod, 34″ selfie stick (attachable to tripod), adjustable ball head (90° tilt & 360 rotation), spring loaded Bendable arm Phone Holder & bluetooth Remote control, compatible with most smartphones including Apple IOS and Android.

Power: USB powered. The 2m long USB cable can be used with multiple devices, such as power bank, laptop, mains adapter… etc. Lightweight & portable, convenient use at any time any place!

Warranty: We supply 30-day full money back & 12 month quality guarantee. Our customer service team is available 24/7 and will respond to any of your questions within 24 hours.


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