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About Profo

The world has changed!
2020 has been a life changing year for everyone, we have all adapted in every aspect of lives from work, family and health. More and more people are working from home, doing more video calls, working out from home and being more active on social platforms such as Youtube and TikTok.

This is where Profo comes in.
We understand the struggle to setup good looking shots as you have to be your own camera operator and lighting director… At Profo we have a range of LED ring lights to suit any need but we don’t just believe in selling just products,  we would like to help and guide you to use our products to the full potential at no extra cost.

Free lighting eBook
Completely free with every purchase. This will show the most common ways to control light in every environment and situation. We will break down all the jargon into its simplest form and explain in detail and diagrams how to become better at lighting. We are looking to release other free ebooks every month on all aspect of photography and videography.

” You are not just buying an LED Light, your buying a lifestyle! “


Free LED Ring light lighting techniques eBook with every purchase.

The eBook contains 7 different lighting techniques to help you get the perfect lighting setup. This could either be for Video calls, Streaming, social Photos or videos and many more.

Once you have made your purchase you will receive an order conformation and a eBook download email.